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I love travelling and it’s kind of evident on my blog posts that I love to share my stories from one province to another country through photos. I have always been a DSLR-kinda girl. I prefer using it as it makes my photos look more professional and crisp especially if I am using a prime lens. The thing with these kind of cameras is that they tend to be bulky and took so much space in the bag plus they are undoubtly heavy to carry.

Recently, I made a big leap from slr to mirrorless to accompany me on my travels. After much thought and intense research, I settled on Fujifilm. It was so damn hard to choose as my list came down to three, then two. I both love the two brands, but when it comes to matching my needs, then clearly Fuji won. The brand has been in the business for a long time and I love their aesthetic. So there, brand, check. Now, the next thing was what’s the model I’d choose? Budget played a big role in here, and since I just need a camera for my travels, that’s it. If I have the money at the time, I’d choose XT-10 but then again, I am saving for another full frame slr for the near future so, I don’t want to ruin the alloted budget so I ended up with the X-A2. I have no regrets, I love it!

fujifilm xa2photo and editing by Katmae Joson

Aside from the exterior which screams vintage and cute (comes in different colors), I listed the things I like about it though one of the downside is that it doesn’t have an electronic view finder.

  1. High Megapixels

  2. low light performance

  3. Wifi connectivity

  4. Tilting LCD screen for selfies/wefies et al.

  5. lightweight

  6. Preview of what the photo would turn out before you click the shutter release

fujifilm x-a2 f 6.4, 1/100fujifilm x-a2 f 3.8, 1/300fujifilm x-a2f 3.5, 1/30fujifilm x-a2f 13, 1/800

Post processed in Lightroom 5

Here are some the unedited photos taken straight from my X-A2

fujifilm x-a2 fujifilm x-a2fujifilm x-a2fujifilm x-a2fujifilm x-a2

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