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One of the reasons why I do not like trekking or hiking mountains is that I have limited choices when it comes to what I’d wear. LOL  I don’t like wearing gym/workout clothes unless I will be “working out”. For someone who likes to dress up for almost every occasion, the struggle is real LOL 

When we trekked Mt Pinatubo last summer, I made sure I can dress up but still be appropriate. Here are some tips on what to wear to Mt. Pinatubo: 


1. High-waisted denim instead of cotton shorts. Cotton is definitely more comfortable but some instances you get to sit on rocks and I want a fabric that’s thick enough that wouldn’t hurt my butt. 

2. A some-what Dri fit crop top to balance the high-waisted bottom and also to keep me dry during the whole day of trekking.

3. A lightweight utilitarian jacket with hood. This serves a double purpose; to protect my arms and shoulders and also your head from the sun. I went with something with a hood in replacement of the usual cap. 

4. Sunglasses – I opted for a tinted one to add a bit of color to the whole outfit. 

5. Scarf to protect your face from dust instead of mask

6. Outdoor sandals in replacement of the usual trekking shoes. This is more appropriate for someone who isn’t into trekking or hiking. Also, because it’s cheaper. The one I am wearing only costs 700-800 Php. 

7. Sunscreen for sun protection of course! 

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Wearing: H&M crop top | Tribu Outdoor sandals | Sunnies Studios Sunglasses in Winona

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what to wear mt pinatubo


Do you have any additional tips on what to wear to Mt. Pinatubo? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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