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Calling all stylish titas out there! Have you ever been invited to attend a children’s birthday party and doesn’t know what to wear and how to dress appropriately without being too over the top or too boring? I know I did! LOL (a lot of times) I have been to countless children’s party and also, I have 3 nephews and 1 niece (a certified tita, I know!) so I think I might have figured out a simple formula on how to come up with an outfit.

If you are someone who stresses over what outfit to wear on certain occasions (I do), I got your back sissies!

Okay, so considering you are going to do a lot of running and chasing and worrying about spilt milk or drinks and unwanted spaghetti sauce stain, I came up with a somewhat kid-proof, hassle-free outfit that might serve as a guide for you titas out there! So here’s the deal, it’s all about comfort but we do not have to sacrifice styling, right?


Let’s get started!

What to wear in a children’s birthday party

  1. A coloured slouchy top. For this outfit (which is currently my favourite), I choose an orange-y slouchy knitted jumper from H&M (similar here). Rule of thumb do not wear white (unless there’s a theme or a dress code) because you know wearing white doesn’t really go well with kids LOL 
  2. For the bottom, you got to take into consideration the ease of moving. I personally love wearing wide legged pants or denim shorts (this I got from an IG shop @toughshop). You do not want to wear tight-fitting skirts or something similar, please save yourself Haha
  3. Shoes, it’s gotta be sneakers (but not white again, please) or maybe ankle boots with no heels of course (This one I got from Tonic Bags and Shoes) that’s good enough for running and chasing LOL
  4. Bags, either go with backpacks or sling bags with unique details, I got this cute white clutch with chain strap from Forme as a gift)
  5. Accessories, Keep it minimal. Drop earrings, Friendship bracelets (check it out here and heresunnies are a perfect combo.

That’s it! Any tips you want to add? Comment down below! 😉

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