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My first ever out of town trip this 2018 was Baler. It’s my second time here but since it’s a first for my friend, Geneille, we decided to go and celebrate her birthday and so she can experience surfing as well (which we haven’t done last November on my birthday because of the waves LOL)

I always try to be smart and strategic with my packing skills every travel that I went to. This time, I was able to pack fewer items, worry less, and enjoy the trip more. It’s more of a chill kinda birthday getaway; even our tour around town is super relaxed and flexible (Also, thanks to our kuya trike driver who is very game and supportive in our photography demands and needs HAHA Yes! We’re so happy that we gave him a big tip!)

Okay, going back to packing, I am sharing with you the items that I bought with me to Baler and some packing tips! 

1 swimsuit (I personally recommend a one-piece especially if you’re gonna be surfing)

An all-around jacket (you can wear on the bus or even when you’re touring or during the night out!)

1 rash guard for surfing 

3-4 tops (ribbed, tank top, and mesh) – ribbed for the next day, tank top for the night out/dinner/drinks sesh, mesh for touring around town

1 cropped top for lounging in the pool

2 shorts (1 should be denim)

1 clutch or sling bag (We did not plan to go to any falls so I did not bother to bring a waterproof bag)

2 sunnies (coloured and mirrored)

1 nude sandals that would go well with anything

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TIP: plan ahead of time and consider the places you will visit/go to and this will save time and effort in planning what to wear

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