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F21 Longsleeves white top and acid washed denim shorts, Pretty Little Blings rings, Parisian flats, SM WWW bag, Sunnies Studios Layla sunglasses
I’ve been to La Union 2 years ago and my bestfriend and I never got a chance to stay longer and explore the province’s beauty and mingle with its natives/residents.
(more about this adventures on the upcoming posts)
So this outfit! Taken by my bff (thanks so much for being patient with me! ha!)
Since we will be staying on a beach front hotel and we’ll be hanging out outside our room, it is expected to be in your most comfy outfit. The top is quite sheer (which I really love) and of course, one of the most abused denim shorts I have then paired with white flats.
Found this cool wall art near the place we’re staying. it says welcome to La Union. A perfect back drop to my minimal-beach-worthy outfit.
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