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An outfit that I wore when my friends and I went to Salcedo weekend market.

Where: Weekend market

When you’re too lazy to come up with anything but do not want to end up looking like a Plain Jane, then here’s a quick guide you can follow

  1. Simple no non-sense minimalist dress in a light shade can be your base. The cut doesn’t have to be short or the design be too dainty. Just settle with something that falls below the knee.
  2. Throw in some biker jacket to add a cool and edgy vibe. You can try the bomber jacket too if you want. 
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. Time to let those feet rest! If you’re going to be walking a lot checking out food stalls or shopping then your best bet is to either wear sneakers, sandals or flats.

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Hope this something that’ll help! What about you? Do you go to weekend markets too? Have you been to Legazpi Sunday Market or Salcedo Saturday market? Yes? What weekend market outfit/s do you usually wear? Do you have any tips you want to add? Please comment below! 😉

Wearing: Rhipe’s Backyard dress | Mango sling bag | Stradivarius biker jacket | Adidas Stan Smith 

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  1. ann says:

    That market should be thankful cuz you look amazing just for a market stroll ^^ i love your leather jacket I always wanted to have one but i don’t know why i still don’t have LOL!

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