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white button down shirt

I had to admit that searching AND choosing essential and basic items for your closet is something that requires tons of patience, effort and time. Looking for the right kind among dozens of store out there having their own version of let’s say, a button down shirt is quite challenging. It took me months to find the perfect one.

I thought maybe I could share some tips in choosing the right button-down shirt.


I am not an expert when it comes to fabric but what I always keep in mind whenever I look for a certain type of clothes, the first thing I check is how it feels when it is worn. I’d like to feel comfortable wearing it especially if  I’ll be using it over and over again.

So far, Rayon has caught my attention and is undoubtedly and highly recommended. You have to experience it for yourselves, trust me. Comfiest and its finest.


Choose the appropriate length that will look great on you and remember to consider your height. Not too short nor too long. it’s got to be the right cut unless you prefer something then that’s fine.



Quality and Care

Naturally you want to score something that’s worth your money. Research if you have to. Go to every store and check out the item/s before finally deciding what to purchase. Since we’re talking about investing in timeless piece/s that can be paired with anything else, you have to choose wisely.

Is it easy to care? wrinkle-resistant or not? does having it entails extra care? How to wash it? You can also search the web for some additional info. Is it worth every penny?


rayon uniqlo


Okay, this is a bit tricky as this depends on your taste. You have to keep in mind that choosing a design must highlight your best feature/s and will also hide what you need to (yes? :)) With pockets or none? Tight-fitiing or somewhat loose? Sheer or not?

There are numerous pieces out there so make sure the one you’ll pick will match not only your body type but also your lifestyle/aesthetic whatever you call it. It has to work for you or else don’t be impulsive and settle for less.

In case you’re wodnering, I got my  new button shirt from UNQILO. It’s made from Rayon and polyester; so soft that describing it soft is an understatement. Another thing, It’s wrinkle-resistant plus you can get it for a very reasonable price.

More outfits coming soon!

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