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Tropical Woes

Living in a tropical country has its perks and disadvantages. Since we are only blessed with having two seasons, we never get to enjoy autumn, spring or winter and the rainy season is the closest thing we could ever have. I am not a fan of such though but the cold wind and how I can wear outer wears such as jackets or knitted, that I get excited about. It’s the only time I get to play with layering.

I was looking forward to don this oversized knit but the climate at the moment doesn’t seem to cooperate and has been messing with me lately. The sun is still up and it’s humid for god’s sake. It just feels like it’s summer and we’re already in the -ber months. I ended up tying it on my waist because the heat was so unbearable.

Guess I might have to go back to summer clothes after all eh?

Wearing: Alisonbel dress | SM Parisian sandals | Forever 21 sunglasses | 

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  1. retlyn says:

    Your outfit looks so cute and sexy. Perfect for the rainy season!

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