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If I’ll compare Seminyak to another place, it’d be something like Boracay. It has that same vibe to me. There are rows of shops, restaurants, and bars side by side. There’s even a mall nearby. Pretty sure, you’ll never run out of places to hang out. 

Nightlife is also very much alive in this part of the island.

You should expect to shell a bit more as prices are steep compared to Ubud. Even though that’s the case, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your stay at Seminyak.

We arrived at our hotel a little past 5:00 pm. We’re supposed to go to Uluwatu to watch the sunset but its 45-minutes drive from the hotel, therefore, it’s a no-go. We decided to just explore Seminyak a few hours before calling it a night.


If you do not have an IDR left with you, you may go to a money exchange booth to have your money changed at the mall. We stopped at Watson’s to get some essentials. I love going to Watson’s branches overseas as they have many items that are not available here in the country that I am excited to try.

I got this Body butter in chocolate variety from Herborist. You may get “pasalubong” for your girlfriends here.

Next day, we found ourselves at Nalu Bowls. You shouldn’t miss this one. A smoothie bowl is a must in Bali LOL. Prices of the meals are a bit expensive but serving is big so it’s still worth it.

Next stop would be Motel Mexicola where you can have brunch or have a snack. If you want to have a photoshoot here (it’s an Instagrammer’s magnet), better come early before tourists flock here. We spent 30 minutes to 1 hr here. Every corner is instagrammable.

PS I hear from a friend that the place gets REALLY CROWDED at night. If you’re a hardcore party girl, you might want to experience this.

if you’re on a budget, you may opt for Yoshinoya. A fast food is definitely cheaper because you can have a meal with drinks already.

Grab a coffee at Revolve. An iced macchiato is a must after all the walking and strolling under the sun. Don’t want coffee? There are Froyo or ice cream shops nearby. Try Mad Pop’s for some ice cream fix.

There’s also a Starbucks here (hoorah). They had a promo when we were there because of the holiday. Try something that’s not available in your country for a change.

Instead of partying, we just watched the sunset while drinking a bottle of Bintang at Ku De Ta.

Late night snack? We always hit a convenience store before going home. We hoard noodles, chips, and a few cans of Bintang again LOL.

There’s this street food we do not know what it’s called but Miggy was eager to try. Too bad the seller doesn’t speak English but he was really nice.

Craving for some Pizza-pasta combo? Try Hank’s. The Place was really nice to hang out and spend the rest of the night especially if you want to just chill and have a few bottles of beer. The pizza was good enough. 

Still can’t get enough of Indonesian Food? Mi Goreng at Warung Nia & Cooking Class. Lai was the one who found it online. It’s across the convenience store and inside a shopping market. Food stalls here offer meals for cheaper prices.

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