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Comfort at its finest

Wearing: River island hat, Zara striped top, brandless jacket, Cottom On flats and ripped boyfriend jeans

Travelling always comes with a price and mostly the places we’d like to go usually takes loooong hours. Being a travel junkie myself, I always make it to point to dress up and most of the time sacrificing comfort over fashion/style. Last year I managed to go to different parts of the country and one abroad (La Union, Cebu, Boracay, Zambales and Singapore). Most of it either took 3.5-8 hrs travel time and there were times I regret that I wore certain outfits for that made me uncomfortable.

Recent trip to Singapore made me realise that while it’s definitely okay to fly in style, I should also take in to consideration some aspects that would also make me cozy and help me snooze all throughout the trip and would step out of the plane still looking polished.

Here are some tips for a hassle-free outfit planning:

On tops: Choose something that is light and easy. Consider the fabric that won’t give you a hard time and something that wont easily wrinkle. Try Cashmere, wool, or organic cotton. I prefer 3/4 sleeves shirts.

On bottoms: It is definitely okay to wear shorts if you’re flight is just roughly 1-1.5 hours but 3 and up?. Settle for something that would give you warmth and extra love. Take a cue from boyfriend jeans or ripped ones. 

On shoes: boots, flats or sneakers or even rubber shoes are your safe bets.

On accessories: A stylish pointed sunglasses and a luxe or luxe-looking hat for a more polished ensemble.

On outerwear: Denim or biker jacket are good choices or something that resembles a military jacket. Either tie it on your waist before boarding and wear it when you cannot take the cold inside the airplane anymore.

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  1. Very nice outfit. 🙂 Simple yet cool. Ganyan dapat ang style sa pagpunta sa airport para less hassle. Less abala especially if you have so many baggages to bring.

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