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Okay, now you have booked a ticket to your travel destination and excited to go there in a few weeks time. so you tell yourself, what’s next? (You’re not just going to let the wind and your feet take you, wherever, right? it’s a complete waste of time, trust me. You got to have a plan)  Probably this is the of the most crucial aspects when you’re travelling into an unknown place, planning the itinerary. So you want to go to the top attractions and you do not want to miss anything that’s worth going to, well my friend, research is the key to be able to make the most of the trip (most especially if you’re on a tight schedule).

While you can go to a bookstore and rummage through a pile of travel books and spend maybe 500-1,000 bucks why not use the internet instead?. It’s more convenient, time and effort-saving (commuting and going to the mall), and free as long as you have a connection and a phone or laptop.

Below I’m going to share you some of the tips which helped me to get to the must-see places and in and around the city or town.

No. 1 travel blogs (and google)

Travel bloggers are ubiquitous on the internet world so why not make the time to visit some?. Try searching google  Travel + Singapore + DIY + on a budget. The possibilities are endless. What I love about these blogs is that each person has their own take on the same place/city. You might find some interesting cafes, shops or even hidden restaurants where only locals knew that these people have experienced too. Another thing is you can also search the blog of your favourite bloggers and chance upon their travel diary.

no. 2 Website/s

Before I went to Singapore, I had to do extensive research for almost a week or so. I wanted to visit the Marina Bay Sands for example. Here’s what I did, I went to their official site and took down notes the opening and closing hours, check the store and restaurant directory, how to go there by train, bus or by walking, if there’s an entrance or none. Remember every small detail is essential.

No. 3 Instagram and Pinterest

With the new feature on IG app, you can now search for places (Haji Lane, Bugis Street)  and see also the tags of a specific place ( #GardensByTheBay #MarinaBaySands) . It’s really helpful especially if you’re looking for a great spot where you can shoot your #OOTDs.

Pinterest is also a great place where you can check out places that are linked to different blogs. You can also search for outfits you can wear! Hit the search button, scroll then pin.

No. 4 Travel Apps

There are several travel and transportation apps that are available on google play store or App store that could provide tips on how you can go from one place to another. I downloaded the app before my trip and I saved all the transportation options (bus, train and cab) both on my phone and my notebook. While it is okay to save everything on your phone, I’m always ready in case my battery failed me hence, I brought with me a notebook and some papers plus a ball pen.

Another thing to consider also when planning your schedule is the place of origin. Is your hotel just a minutes away from a top attraction? How many hours it would take from your place to the mall you’re dying to shop at? Is the restaurant that all the locals are talking about just a walking distance from where you’re staying?. -This is very important so you know how and what places you would prioritise or not.

No. 5 Ask you friends, loved ones, classmates or anyone you know who has been to the place

First hand experience from people you knew can also help you in finalising your tour. Maybe you can ask where to find bargain stores? the best food to try and what nots. Furthermore, ask also for photos and some tips (transportation, hidden places, etc.)

After you have all the details you need, start building your planned route from day 1-day 5. If you have questions or suggestions or even addition to what was mentioned above, feel free to contact me or comment below.

Bon Voyage!



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  1. Chel says:

    Hi Camille! I agree with everything that you listed! I travel a lot and these are basically all things I consider.

    P.S. New blog reader here and loving it!

    Chel x

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