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Happy Tuesday lovely readers!
We All have different ways on how to manage our time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (maybe even yearly). For someone who have plenty of stuff on their plate and needs a little bit of organising their schedule, there are many tools where you can do that:
Today, we’re going to give you 4 tools, their pros and cons that’ll help you get on track and never have to miss anything from your suposed to-do list for the day/week/month.
1. Planners– Ah the old school kind. Everyday of every month compiled in a form of a notebook, hardbound etc. There are hundreds planner out there, you just have to find the suits your personality and of course your budget.
Good thing about this is there are enough spaces where you can write other stuff aside from your schedule.
Con/s: Can sometimes be a bit heavy or bulky to carry in your bag.
Most of the time, expensive
2. Post-its – For those who doesn’t want the hassle and doesn’t want to make an effort in maintaining a planner or calendar, here’s the option for you.
It’s a lot cheaper (1 pad is about P40-50). You can write things to do for today and then if you’re done you can just throw it away after. quite convenient eh? no frills
Cons: Because of the fact that it’s small, there’s a tendency where you might accidentally throw it or lost it by mistake.
3. Printable calendars– Now’ we’ve recently found these on google. What’s really amazing about this thing is that you can customize it and make it your own.
There are many sites that offer it for free as long as it’s for personal use. You have lots to choose from!
You can print it then post it on your work station or just place it on your desk.
Cons: Too little spaces to write on especially if you have loads of things to do everyday.
4. Smart phones– If you’re always on the go, this is the best option for you. Having no time to write, with just a simple typing and clicking, you’re good to go. Since you can download hundreds of apps on google play or app store for free, why the need to print or buy planner/calendar?
Cons: When you lost your phone, it’s all gone, so make sure to back up.
There you have it. We can’t pinpoint which is the best among these 4 as it will depend per individual. Whichever you choose, bear in mind what would best suit your needs and your lifestyle.


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