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Trendy prescription eyeglasses that won’t leave you broke

Two months ago, I replaced my prescription eyeglasses after almost 2 years. I still have it tho just in case any mishap happens (ya know). Since I am a Sunnies Studios fan ever since god knows when (back when they’re still Sunnies by Charlie), I gave myself a try with Sunnies Specs. As I don’t usually wear eyeglasses when I am outside because my choices of design aren’t that good enough. I’d rather opt for contact lens because it sometimes ruins the outfit (put your hands up if you agree). In choosing Sunnies Specs, I was keen on wearing it with my outfits as well.

I picked the Ivy in Pale Nude for a change as I usually go with a black frame. I want something that can seamlessly go with any outfit I’d wear, hence the choice.


Thinking of getting new eyeglasses? You might want to give this brand a try.

Two things that made me choose Sunnies Specs:

1. Affordability

The regular price starts at 1999. I upgraded my lens that’s why I paid 3,600 Php. The previous one that I got cost me 5,000 Php.

2. Variety

There are a plethora of designs for every shape of the face.


1. Customer Service is excellent

I got a problem with my eyeglasses and I went back and they fixed it for me without no hassle.  Thanks to the wonderful team from Glorietta branch! 

Do you wear prescription eyeglasses too? Have you had problems with wearing one because it doesn’t go well with your outfits?

Wearing: Sunnies Specs in Ivy Pale Nude | Adidas Bag and Stan Smith

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