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Once in a while, I’m going to feature a restaurant or a place I’ve eaten to whenever I travel. It’s not going to be a regular post but if it’s something worth documenting and sharing with you guys, then I’ll write about it. By the way, this is going to be the last installment of my Bolinao Travel series.


After visiting two waterfalls, we were famished because we started really early (5:00am) and so we decided to have an early lunch before checking in at Casa Almarenzo. We asked our friendly and cool tricycle drivers where we can eat lunch and they took us to Sungayan Grill. 

From the looks of it, Sungayan Grill is your typical floating restaurant in the province that offers a romantic view of the river. You and your friends may opt to do a river cruise while eating but there’s a fee (1,000 Php). We did not do that anymore and just stayed in the restaurant. Little did we know, we are going to have the Best meal in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Being a Filipino, we always enjoy eating grilled stuff whenever we are on vacation. It’s an automatic kinda thing (grilled “whatever”; fish, pork, veggies etc). So by looking at the menu, we knew we were going to order the Fiesta Bilao Grill. We chose 1 in medium size.  The only difference between 1 and 2 is the fish option (Sungayan or Bangus).

TIP: We were there just before lunch time so I suggest if you are going to Bolinao, be sure to go early because the place gets a bit crowded.

The Bilao looks a tad small in the photo but it was big enough for the 6 of us (3 women, 3 men). For 1,100 Php you get a free platter or rice and 1 pitcher of iced tea. It’s very affordable, right?

Everything except the seaweed (which I did not try) were tasty and delectable especially the squid and liempo. Just thinking about it makes me drool. As a picky eater when it comes to fish, the Sungayan was surprisingly good. We enjoyed our lunch so much that we ended up ordering another bilao again (this time to-go) for dinner. WE LOVED IT!

Good thing Casa Almarenzo doesn’t have any corkage and do not serve any dinner meals so it’s a win for us! It was actually a perfect way to end the night. It was a feast, you guys! *finger-licks*

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Beside the restaurant, there’s a mini coffee shop as well. My friend and I, being a caffeine addict, decided to try their iced coffee. Not much raving about though it’s okay. I am just putting it out here so you guys know just in case!

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If there’s one place I’d like to go back to in Bolinao, it’s this one. My friends and I were really happy during the trip so maybe that’s the reason why eating here while sharing new travel stories made it more memorable and made the meal unforgettable. Sounds a bit cheesy, IKR?! Don’t judge! LOL

If you happen to visit the place, let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to hear your experience.

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