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I’ve been dying to attend a Fashion school ever since I graduated (BS Microbiology) and started working in the food industry. I know Science and Fashion, wth? Science will always be my first love, but there’s something about arts and fashion that has been attracting me for years and I’ve waited so long for an opportunity like this to happen. 2 years ago, I was introduced to SOFA, one of the premier fashion schools here in the country through social media. Since then, I wanted to attend the school but never had the chance that time. Today, with a stroke of luck and right timing (I guess haha ) I was able to enroll in a workshop for fashion Styling and I couldnt be more excited and happier to start next week. (good lord, I’ve waited for this for years haha). Im not gonna be so dramatic here. okay. lol
The workshop is going to be just 8, 3 hr session (I thought 10 sesh anyway). Through this program, students will know the basics of styling and its importance and a whole lot more. This is an introductory course wherein the students can further their studies or begin an apprenticeship under a stylist. (Im thrilled to try the latter!)
Anyhoo, all I wanna say is that Im just uber excited and I cant hide it. Im looking forward to being a student again even if for just a few weeks.
Wish me luck?
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