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I still have 3 posts dedicated to my SG diary and today, we’re going to go to Merlion and Cavenagh bridge. It was a pretty jampacked day as it was my 3rd and last whole day in the country. 

Third day is for:

  1. Merlion
  2. USS
  3. Shopping at Anchorpoint 
  4. Dinner at Marche, Vivo city

How the hell I managed to squeeze in all of those in one day?. Planning and time management. But just like all plans, you gotta be ready for some surprises. I was late for my dinner appointment with a college friend because going to Anchorpoint and back to ION mall took longer than expected. 

Anyhoo, We braved walking under the scroching hot just to see and take pictures with the famous half-fish, half-tiger mythical animal, the Merlion. 

Below are some of the photos taken that morning after which we headed to Universal Studios Singapore.


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