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Thinking of ways on how to elevate your outfit can sometimes be daunting. And, if you’re someone  who doesn’t necessarily likes to be seen wearing the same outfits regularly, I totally get you. It can be too much of a task, I know, especially if  you don’t have the time. 

There are other things on how you can style your plain trousers and cami top but this is my take. No-frills, no brainer. So easy to follow or get inspo from.

Let’s go!

two simple ways to elevate your outfit
simple ways elevate outfit

simple ways to elevate your outfit

simple ways to elevate your outfit
simple ways to elevate your outfit

Colored sunglasses

It’s so trendy this days and you have several colors to choose from! I am totally lusting over those Sunnies Studios new collection. You can also check out’s offerings on their IG account. Wanna try going a lil bold, head on to glowglamazon that offers super cool designs of colored specs.

Tip: If you want to be safe, try the usual pink or blue ones.

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A button down instead of a jacket  

Take for example a chambray that you can throw in the outfit as straightforward as the one on the photos below or you can be experimental like tying it in the front and exposing one side of your shoulder. 

Have you tried this tips before? Any style tips that you’d like to add? let me know in the comment section below!

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