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Lately I have been obsessed with wearing clean-cut clothes. Well what I mean is that, I am into sporting plain colors and mix matching it.  This was the one that I wore on my recent trip to Tagaytay.

As you may all know, dear readers, I am not those kind of style/fashion bloggers who always wear expensive clothing from head to toe. Well I usually try to buy one once in a while and match it with pieces that I have bought from bazaars, thrift shops and department stores. I am always on the look out in buying clothes that are chic without trying to strain my budget and of course my wallet. haha 
Top, Bag and Skort from The Landmark, Shoes from Tomato, Watch from Avon
 One of the department stores that I usually buy from is The Landmark. They have these cute, chic and lovable pieces that is so affordable. with just this outfit, the price is below 1,000 Pesos. awesome right?. 🙂

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