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Sunnies&Style greets everyone a Happy New year! Now, I dont believe in resolutions, instead I call it Goals. I have several on my list and I intend to do my best to do and at least start and continue (some of it requires much effort and time that 1 year is not enough) it through the next years.

Looking back, 2014 has been one of the most fulfilling, eye-opening and rewarding year yet in my my mid 20’s phase. Getting through quarter life crisis, quitting a toxic job (and most of all, people), being jobless for quite some time, getting an opportunity to work with great people and a generous company, continuing my blog, enrolling in a fashion styling class, and so much more has gotten me thanking the one up there and being grateful for what I have and what I dont have and maximizing what I can do and what I do best.

With the new year ahead, I aspire for greater and bigger things. I always think of what our fashion styling mentor taught us, “If you wanna go big, go big!”. Seems appropriate, huh?. Why settle for mediocrity when you can go beyond what you think you can do?.

Believe. Work for it. Make it Happen. Stabilize and be constant. Dont keep your eyes off the goal.

What do you guys want to achieve this year?

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