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I just can’t get enough of these three

I used to post my monthly favorites before but it was not as consistent as other categories. I do not plan to make this one regular but I’d be sharing my top beauty or fashion hauls every once in a while on the blog especially if they are really special and not just for the sake of you know, having a blog post.

Today, I am excited to tell you guys about these three purchases I bought online. There are 3 main reasons why I love these:

  1. Affordable
  2. Locally made (Made from the Philippines)
  3. Quality

Let me enumerate and describe what I love about each:

Nekkid “tender” Eau de perfume 350 pesos

Nekkid offers organic beauty products that ranges from perfumes, soaps, scrubs to body butters et al. I have been eying their stuff for quite some time now and I started off with the perfume. Tender is the best seller so I bought it and had no regrets! There’s a reason why it is the top perfume among the rest.

I am in loove with the scent; sweet and floral and perfect for summer! And you know me, I am a summer gal. teehee

Beach born sea salt spray 180 Pesos

Beach waves in a matter of hours? Plus it’s only 180 pesos, Wait there’s more! It’s all organic. It works! I am sold. Buy it here: BeachBorn

Pink Sugar “Our lil secret” concealer 299 Pesos

This tiny little thing does a great deal in covering those (eye) baggage that I have (sleepless nights and Graveyard shift problems). While finding pricey and highly effective beauty products is easy, it’s not the same in scoring an affordable one with the same effect. It’s kinda rare especially if it’s locally made.

You have to give it to the brand. I mean for a less than 300-peso product that delivers? Hell yeah!

Check the item here

That concludes my post! How about you, any top beauty hauls you’re regularly using? Or do you also have any of three mentioned above? Share your thoughts!


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