sunnies and style medium blondecedar salon sunnies and style new hair colorsunnies and style Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of having sleek, long hair. I rarely go with shoulder length and I do not usually experiment with my tresses for so many years until I started working. Long and straight doesn’t appeal to me that much anymore and that’s where I started with digitally perming my hair for a change and giving up rebonding for 2 straight years and counting, trying the Lob, Blob, anything that involves avoiding my hair getting long again. Suddenly, it became boring and I knew I had to try something else. Something new. I don’t know, maybe it comes with age? I cannot full say though as it’s different for everyone.

Come 2015 and I’m running out of options on what to do with my hair. I did different things with it for the past 2 years mainly with the cut: straight, long on the front and short at the back etc. That’s when I decided to colour my hair early this year. I’ve been planning to do it since last year but I never pushed through with it. I was half-scared and half-worried of what it might do to my brittle and dry roots. Although I loved the idea of having a new look but then again fear of not achieving what I imagined scared the hell out of me.

Then came a chance when browsing dealgrocer.com, I saw that Cedar Salon has a promo. Cut, color, treatment for almost half the price!

PS If you want to score some really nice promos/deals (beauty, hotel, getaway, dining), I suggest you go to dealgrocer! it’s easy to buy and pay for it eventhough you don’t have a credit card. 

I’ve been eyeing Cedar Salon since last year. I have been researching for salons whose expertise is colouring and I chose Cedar because of the really good reviews online. It’s going to be my first time so I want something that would meet my expectations or better, exceed it.

Choosing Cedar Salon was a good decision as I am satisfied with the result. Except for the fact that the salon is far from where I live (Thanks to Uber) but the place, ambiance and service that I got, I knew I would be a regular here. I was assigned to Sir Jake, who by the way did an amazing job in colouring my hair. Originally I wanted to have an ashy blonde but I changed my mind the last minute and settled for something reddish brown-like colour. A little safe, I know! Baby steps!

I gave Sir Jake my peg and then he gave me a folder with different hair colour swatches but then I told him that I trust him and he can choose which colour he thinks would be best based on my peg. He then cut my hair in this length which I think I will be sporting for quite some time. Not too long but not too short.

What can I say? I loved it! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If ever you’re trying Cedar, book for Sir Jake. 😉

Before ending this post, I am going to give some tips before you decide to colour your hair.

  1. Look for pegs before coming to the salon. Thanks to pinterest! Having a photo saved on your phone or from a magazine is so much easier for the stylist to check but if you’re someone who’s into surprises and would just let the stylist do what they think would look good on you, then by all means do it. 😉
  2. Trust the stylist but communicate with them as well. Ask them what they think. Be Open-minded with what they’re about to advise as they are experts with such.
  3. Before booking a salon, read tons of reviews online or ask a friend if they can recommend one. Read the comments on Facebook and Instagram. Check the # as well to see what the customers think.
  4. Maintaining a coloured hair is also must. Make sure you plan ahead of time on how to maintain and care for it. Use shampoo and conditioners that are specifically for coloured treated hair and schedule a regular treatment as well.

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