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Forever 21 tee, Topshop high waisted jeans, ETSY Manila Vivi Sandals, Sunnies Studios Betty sunglasses

When deciding what to buy for jeans, it’s okay to invest more on high quality than those cheaper ones. I am not against any brand though but I used to shop for affordable stores only to be disappointed after a matter of time that it’s not in the same condition anymore after several usage and that my money was wasted. Do not get me wrong I still shop on those  but I am more meticulous, then again, I try to limit my purchase and look for worthy options that offer not just one but several benefits when you buy their product/s.

It’s always hard to find bottoms that fit perfectly, with the right length (this is always my problem), with great quality and with a considerable price. Here comes Topshop. I usually go to the store to score tops, tees or shirts but I don’t check out their jeans section. So a few months back, I was drawn to a post-holiday sale that made me go the botique only to find myself battling with my inner self if I should buy this off-white high waisted jeans or not. I love how it hugs my legs and hips and to my surprise it falls just above my ankles (exactly how I wanted it to be)- Hallelujah! I ended up paying for it after a few minutes. Now it hit me. Would I rather splurge or save especially on something that’s an essential piece? Hell yeah, splurge!

Also, I am now convinced that my go-to brand whenever it comes to pants or jeans, it would be Topshop. I also love that they have a special section for PETITE girls just like me which saves me a lot of time and effort in searching. I wouldn’t mind spending more on something that I know I can abuse and overuse without sacrificing the quality.

How about you, what are your favourite store/s to shop for jeans or pants? Share and lemme know!  😉

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