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Christmas holiday is about to end and while some of us prep for school or work, let me distract you with this post.
Today, Im sharing you some of the memorable gits I received last week. Most of them are the ones that I needed so you could see the smile in my face when I opened each  and found these lovely stuff!

1. small kikay kit- the fact that it’s small but can hold most of my essential make up gear is perfect.

2. Notebook- I love collecting notebooks! It actually has a blank cover, I let my brother do some creative work on it. Nice, huh?

3. Cropped Jeans- I wanted to have this one for so long but never had luck finding the right one, I got lucky when we got to Stradivarius and found this gem. I knew I had to get it, yes it’s an early christmas gift 🙂

4. Burts Bee’s Natural Lip gloss- Love the color and the fact that it’s 100% natural.

5. Tony Moly blush- I’ve been using it ever since.

6. Sunnies studios sunglasses- I love this brand and the fact that it’s very affordable. Im in dire need of a new sunnies (hey, sunnies girl here, could not leave the house without one!) so this is a staple.

7. Clutch- Im in the process of collecting handbags and clutches, so yeah.

8. Starbucks planner- I already have 9 palnners, all from SB. I’ve been getting this as a gift for 3 years straight now.

9. Striped sweater- There will always be space in my closet for stripes and sweater period.

10. Mason Jar- My new coffee/water buddy!

how about you? what are some of the gifts you received this Christmas season? share yours! xx

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