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Top and boots Thrifted | Floral Shirt Summer Salt |  Accessories Pretty Little Blings | Vintage Sling Bag
Hello dolls! I just want to share to you guys how I love thrift shopping! Well not only you can buy clothes or any item in a very cheap price, you can even get lucky if you get a vintage brand for yourself. Isn’t that cool?. I am one of those girls who loves to go on thrift shop and look for really fab outfits that is still in  its best quality and fits me perfectly. Hey dont judge me I know some of you also dig this and even have at least one item in their closet that has been thrifted, right? 🙂

There are two pieces here in this outfit post that I am wearing. It’s the brown boho-inspired top and the boots. Gosh, Im totally into boots right now. I swear in gonna splurge into them whenever I get the chance! lol

P.S. There’s also one thing that I have noticed while editing the pictures, It came upon me that I am getting too thin. Look at the 6th photo. My friends also have been telling me that I became way too skinny and that I should stop doing diet as I am beginning to look like a walking skull. :/ Well, for the past few months I’ve been working out. I am trying to do boxing and some strength and conditioning at least once a week and subjecting myself in eating more healthy foods, so I think this is the result. I have also given up my vices (smoking and drinking spree).  I kinda like it, but Im a little worried about how would I look after a few more months. haha . what can you say dolls?

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  1. Thank you Anico! 😉

  2. Thank you Anico! 😉

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