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We’ve come to the last part of the series!

This is the culmination of our developing your personal style series.

Let’s do a quick recap:

  1. Checklist
  2. Closet clean up
  3. Color palette

Next is Shopping

I will make the 4th and 5th in one post since for shopping, you only need to do is:

1. List down items that you think you need or your wardrobe is lacks eg. blazer, pants, basic tees etc

2. Search for a brand/s that you think you can shop at. Look for their online stores or websites to get a feel of what aesthetic they have eg. minimal, bohemian, classy and elegant etc

3. Shop!

If you’ve done all these then you’re ready for the next step. Curating a signature look or looks that would reflect your

a. personality and b. lifestyle

Mix and match all you can. The more the better. Remember that the ones that are left are those that you’re comfortable wearing, speaks about you and of course that suits your everyday lifestyle.

Try them on make a mental note or take a photo  and save it on your phone or print it for you reference.

Last but not the least, inject something that would stand out and make your look unique and “more you” like me for example. I never leave the house without a sunglasses. It has always been a part of my outfit and style.

Play with accessories and settle for something that you know you can confidently wear, like a hat, scarf, necklace anything. You have endless choices.

Read: How to develop your personal style – Color Palette

The looks/outfit that I curated are boring! What do I do?

Take for example the photo above. You can turn a simple white tee and button down skirt by wearing a hat or a bright and colored, maybe heavy printed bag or a brogues for a masculine vibe. Throw in some jacket; biker jacket or pastel colored coat and voila! You made an interesting combo in an otherwise simple outfit.

What if I cant think of anything or any accessory to wear or match with my outfit?

Then it’s okay. The important thing is that you have finally learned how to develop your style. If can’t think of any, fine. No pressure. Just mix and match all that’s there in your collection and you might come up with a signature look that you could call your own. 

That’s it for the series! Thank you for taking the time to read and learn! If you have other questions,  you can comment below or shoot me an email! 😉

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