singapore travefy sunnies and style Ever since I started traveling, both local and international, I became a bit obsessed with planning the itinerary. As much as possible, I  try to dodge the idea of hiring a travel agency because; 1. Mostly, they are expensive, 2. If you ever find cheap ones, it requires a lot of people in a group. Like you know, the larger the group, the less you pay.

I get why some people choose this; easy and convenient but not for me. I’d rather do DIY. I want to visit any place or a restaurant according to my taste and preference and not because it is part of the required tour for the day. I want every penny I spent to be worth it (as much as possible). When I went to Singapore last 2015, I created a very detailed itinerary using a spreadsheet; day to day excursion, where to eat, what to visit, how to get there, what to order and estimated expenses. 

I gotta be honest, doing this for several times can be a bit exhausting and took a lot of amount of time, like really. So last year, when I was planning our Singapore trip (yes third time there LOL), I wanted to use an online pre-planning tool specific for designing your own travel itineraries. I came upon Travefy and it has become one of my go-to pre-planning tools. It’s easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to navigate.


So how do you use it?

Here are some tips on how to Build an itinerary using Travefy:

1 I add all the dates first and fill out the flight details. From the photo below, You see you can add the flight details for your reference. Add a NEW DAY on the left bottom part of the page. On the left side, you’ll see the days and small icons under each day that signifies either an activity, lodging, transport, flight etc.

how to build an itinerary using travefy 1

2 Adding new event at the top right corner of the page; Flight, Lodging, Ground transport, Activity, Cruise, Info. Choose what event you’ll add and it’ll automatically pop another sheet where you will add further information. This is very easy to fill out and almost everything needed is there, you just click and type even the booking details and other important information. You can even add photos and links to the site which is pretty cool.

Here’s the fun part, you can add a place or a restaurant you want to go to at the bottom part of the page most of the places will automatically be on the list as you type, some you have to add them yourself like adding the web address, location, and even contact number. 

Other cool stuff:

TRAVEFY 2TRAVEFY 3TRAVEFY 6An example of an activity with all the places, time, and even address

3 Rearrange your activities for the day with just one click. I love this feature because you can just drag activities or trips if ever you need to change or move some of the plans for each day or for the rest of the trip. eg. Decided that you want to move the Botanic gardens trip for April 21 instead of April 22? Just drag the item, hold, and drop it on the preferred date and it will be transferred there.


4 Invite collaborators or the people who are going to be on the trip. You can add their email address and they will be sent an invitation and link to join and you can discuss everything on there. This is an added new feature. On the right side, there’s a Discussion and Ideas + Poll section. It’s kind of like a chat room plus you can also vote and add ideas for the trip.


5 Add and collect expenses I haven’t tried this yet but wanted to use it for my upcoming trip. This is so convenient especially if one person will be paying for a certain activity and you want to know how much you guys will pay for each.

6 Share the itinerary either thru a link or a printable version. 



how to build an itinerary using travefy 4

7 Want to check the itinerary thru your phone? Download the OurItinereray app! 

I hope this will help you with your upcoming trips. It’s free for personal use but if you are a travel agent, you can use the paid version, Travefy Pro.

Let me know what are your favorite itinerary builder app or site or if you make your own from scratch in the comments section below.

Know more about Travefy by clicking here


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