The much awaited opening of H&M Philippines has finally arrived. Let me give you some of the details of my exhausting but somehow worth it experience yesterday at Mega Fashion Hall. This was my first time to do this (fall in line and wait for something like this). I hardly do anything similar to this one, but I’ve been itching to shop in this store for so long and havent got the chance to do so when I went to Hong Kong few years back. Anyhoo, here are the breakdown of what happened and deets on what to find inside the humongous 3 floors of what they call “heaven” for shopaholics and will be “your new favorite store”.
I arrived at Mega Mall at around 10 am only to find this crazy line! Of course, I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting somehow the number of people will be reduced so I planned to go to Uniqlo first (beside H&M) only to see countless of people in line and having a party with clothes haha. Gahhhh. It was also start of the 3-day SALE in Mega, gosh If I only knew this. I wouldn’t dare go and to add insult to injury, it’s freaking Friday (hello traffic!). Kids, couples, best buds, even preggos for god’s sake went in line.
So for 2 hours, I was able to go inside and the shop lusting in me went berserk.
Knitted tops, blouses, metallic and leather skirts all with autumn colors are lovely.
Cardigans and basic shirts with variety of colors all for 599 and 299. Quite a steal ๐Ÿ™‚
Feminine outfits! ahhhh especially this skirt. It comes in white too. such a cutie

Accessories (valued from 299 Pesos and up), purses and many more. Ill definitely come back for these next time soon.

They also have an underwear section. good finds for 349 bucks ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Shoppers rampaged through the store haha

It’s a bootie, bootie world. Next on my “to-buy list” From 1450 Pesos and up.
Now let me take you upstairs ๐Ÿ™‚
499 to 599 pesos cropped tops and sweaters. Shorts price starts at 800 plus pesos and up
Sunnies price at 299 pesos! and these rings are only 149 pesos. Sounds good, right? ๐Ÿ™‚
Let’s now head to the 3rd floor, it’s mostly Kids and Men’s wear section.

For the babies!! So adorbs, I know! Now I know where to get stuff for my nephews.

Black and white combos ๐Ÿ™‚
What fitting room? There’s a long line on every fitting room and hell I dont want to waste my time on that. Solution? since there are many mirrors in the store, I grabbed a skirt and yeah, I tried the skirt and jeans and voila! haha For the top, I knew I will fit a Small so, no need.
One of the few things I was disappointed at is the so-called “40-50% off” When I got there, there are only few items that are (maybe because of the VIP Night before and the shoppers who “pinakyaw” all the stuff that morning). But Im still satisfied with all that I bought though since the regular items are still affordable (less than 1k, I bought a gorg dress for 899 only!)
They gave free magazines while waiting in line at the cashier area.
There ya go. I spent everything within my budget so I went home delighted and contented.
You dont wanna miss this so go ahead and visit H&M at Mega Fashion Hall I advise you go after the craze has died down so that you can shop with ease and spend more time on each section. just my 5 cents!
Happy weekend you guys!
M xx

2 responses to “H&M OPENING IN MANILA”

  1. Karen Corpuz says:

    i want their hats

  2. Karen Corpuz says:

    i want their hats

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