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Sharing you my recent hauls from few weeks ago, my Best bud and I attended the Annual Make your own Havaianas event at Glorietta activity center (Im going to share you the experience on another blog post). This was my first time to attend such a huge event and Im stoked that I get to be a part of it. I love this flip flops and Im so happy to have a new pair, this time it was customized and designed the way I wanted it to be and is based on my personality.



I am a beach babe and forever will always be one. I love wearing bikinis and my happy place has always been the beach.
And also, I have just been hired and a part of a Swimwear label company and I couldn’t be anymore happy and blessed!



On the left pair I chose the cocktail/juice pin (forgot the name of this pin! arrghh haha) perfect combo for the bikini. Everything about this pair is just pure beach love madness.
Next we went to TICKLES and boy, one my habits that I cant quite quit is purchasing notebook! I have a thing for them especially this cute one. Bought it for only 50 Pesos and Im a happy camper already.



Have a great day dear readers!
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