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sunnies and style Of eyelash fabric playsuit, bell sleeves, red lippies and music festivals

Shopcopper suit, Sunnies studios Layla sunnies, Solemate flats, River Island hat

I never thought that a playsuit with bell sleeves would be my thing not until I’ve managed to pull one off. The eyelash fabric detail sealed the deal for me which absolutely added texture to the whole look. The combination of the three screams festival  and a bit of a gypsy-ish kind of outfit which somehow makes up for the numerous failed attempts to go to some music festival happenings in the metro this summer.

I wasn’t able to attend Summer Siren because I chose another planned vacation at the end of the month aka Calaguas (will blog about it soon), IMF Paradise vs priorities, then the Neverland Ravevolution which I traded for movie night and sleeping- I know, #lolaproblems.

While last year I enjoyed attending such events especially those that features EDM music, this 2016 I am leaning more towards travelling may it be out of the country or within the bounds of the pearl of the orient sea (beach trips! hell yeah!) Hence, I’ve become more strict with my travel funds vs my misc ones.

That being said, I’m excited to cross one from my travel bucket list this month. Wandering again soon.

Ciao x

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