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Topic for the 2nd week:
Charles Frederick Worth, the father of haute couture. He owned a salon where he would present his creations to his buyers/clients and gave them catalogue where in each dress was sketched and there are also swatches that can be found on the book where they can choose and customize what they want.
He dictates what his clients would wear.

What’s the relation of this in being a stylist then? As a stylist you DICTATE. You direct what your customer would wear, what should look better or not. You direct.

1. Editorial of your aesthetic
2. 1920’s dress/clothing that changed the course of fashion history and is one of the most difficult to shoot. (This would be on a separate post.)
3. Create a moodboard (photos, fabric, etc) and forecast what will going to be the next trend for the November issue. Interpret it in to a fashion editorial. (produce just one photo)
4. Collage of stuff you’d never want to wear.

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