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Long wait is over! So I’m going to be sharing to you guys my Fashion Styling Workshop Diary every week (hopefully).  The whole program is going to be running for 8 sessions. It has just been 2 meetings and boy, We have tackled and discussed so many things. It’s fun learning and I always look forward every Saturday.

Anyhoo, speaking of our first day it’s a meet and greet kind of day plus some discussions on each student’s aesthetics. As a budding stylist, It is essential to know your aesthetic and you have to dress stylishly and come to class fashionable and make the whole outfit effortlessly pulled together. We also have to work on our trademark style/look within 8 sessions. If you want to be in the fashion industry, you gotta do something that will make people remember you and your style.

Here are some of the things that as a stylist you would have to have
1. Very good in presenting
2. Has a commanding presence
3. Make something look different  from how other people usually see it.

I will be sharing every learning from each week.

After presenting our aesthetics (mine’s minimal and sexy) We were then grouped to 3 and had to do a quick editorial from magazines and discuss it with Sir Lev and the whole class, where we would be the stylist and we will present the looks/outfit to fashion editors, creative directors etc. Our Group managed to create 3 looks which then won the group competition. (Yay!)

Of course, class wouldn’t be complete without homework. We always get inspiration from the past and there are lots of things we can learn from it. First of is the 18th century era. This is the fun part! I get to visit a library again. Well, I love reading books especially if it’s fashion related (I used to profess my love for any scientific books). Im like a kid in a toy store and I want to grab everything. I must be exaggerating but yeah, that’s the truth though.

Last but not the least, we are assigned to create a fashion editorial for a certain clothing from the 1920’s that is one of the things that are hard to come up with a concept because everyone has done their piece with it. We gotta be creative and think outside of the box. That’s the challenging part.

On my next post, I will share that editorial. In the meantime, let’s all enjoy what a sunny day it is today. Luis (the storm) has already left the country. Ahhh. Hello Mr. Sun, nice to see you again!

Happy Tuesday!

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