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Lesson for today: Window display challenge. How do you create an enticing and attractive window display that will make the customers or potential buyers purchase from your store?. One essential key is the window display. It plays a crucial role in the visual merchandising part of the business. What are those?

Everything should come together cohesively. Aside from mix and matching/styling the fitting form/mannequins, placement of each material is important as well. Every item should be considered.
The photos above were the modified version for each group. Thanks to Sir Lev who guided us all through out.
Next activity:  create a still life editorial that best corresponds/define/describe you. Mine was the second from the left.  In this individual challenge, placing of each item (here I go again, but yes everything should be carefully placed nit just random) is crucial and the color choice too!
We were also assigned to wear color combinations that are difficult to pull off. Hence, the red and yellow combo.


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