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Here’s another round of our Fashion styling workshop at SoFA. From 1920’s we jumped to 1940’s since 1930 era came the Great Depression which left people to focus more on other essential things than fashion. 1940’s taught us how to “reinvent”. As a stylist, you should be able to create or produce something new from old materials. Like making the a button down a skirt or like creating a top out of 2 shirts or something like it. Now, this is one of the things were you get creative and all that. Think outside of the box and produce refreshing and new concept. Sir Lev also mentioned stylist Eric Poliquit who when I searched on the net immediately I became a fan. He is so creative and I love his works. Take note of the mattress that he used and made it look like a dress. That one was rad!.
We also discussed Christian Dior, who became popular on that era when he introduced the “new look”, the bar suit if I may. From boxy/square silhouette that Chanel introduced in the previous decades has been replaced by this one. If you will analyze it more, you will see how the bar suit is reminiscent of the pre-Coco period where it showcases the figure of a woman.
Activity: Next stop is making an ad campaign for the Fashion Styling Workshop for SoFA. Ours produced the one on the right side of the photo. Guess who won? 🙂


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