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Welcome to the first part of How to develop  personal style series! I am so excited to share these tips to all of you.

First things first, here’s the introduction in case you’ve missed it:


personal style

Making a list is vital as writing all the things down or typing it on your laptop or pc will help you in figuring out your personal style especially if you’re a newbie in the process. It would give you a general picture of where you are at the moment and what you’d like to achieve.

Now let’s get going, shall we?

  • Focus on your lifestyle

    What do you do professionally? Are you still a student? In a corporate world? Working from home?

  • What is your personality

    Are you a party goer? Home buddy? Outgoing? Conservative?

  • What is your Aesthetics

    This one is somewhat related to your persona.How can you describe your current style/outfits? Do you like wearing sexy clothes? Are you the hubadera type? Preppy? Do you gravitate towards boho chic? You can list as many as you want.

Tip: If you’re a bit lost, seek help from Pinterest and make yourself a secret board and pin whatever outfits you think is similar to what you usually wear everyday, to work, errands, weekend night outs etc. Just be careful not to go over and pin what you think is cute/inspiring vs what you actually have in your closet.
  • Look for Patterns

    From what you have listed from above, spot some repetitions. Did most of the pins that you have contain a core piece? For example: Jeans; Jeans with tank top, jeans with tee-shirt, jeans with boxy or crop top. Again list as many core pieces you can find from the board with the consideration that you have those in your closet.

    • On a separate paper or another page, write down/type the repeat offenders. Pieces you always wear or your favorites.
Tip: Check your Instagram or Social Media accounts like Facebook or maybe twitter, if you post OOTDs, then that would definitely help you in figuring out what are your preferences or your go-to pieces



fur vest sunnies and style

sunnies and style travels to singapore

That’s it! We’re done with the first part! Tune in for the succeeding posts.

Let me know what you did and how was the experience like.


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