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H&M tee, Stardivarius ripped jeans, Sunnies Studios Selby, Parisian flats
This is what my casual go-to outfit most of the time. Jeans, flats and a shirt. Simple at its finest.
If you are going to play it safe, you can add umph to your outfit with the details. For example replace your usual jeans, why not try the ripped ones? or jeans that have extra surprises on its design, like cropped with zippers on the side of the hem and also the flats, I’ve been hunting comfort shoes that adds a little bit of twist and spark interest or let’s say drama to your attire. Take a cue from this Parisian I got for a very reasonable price, the gold V-plated is so classy and sophisticated. And last but not the least, your accessories. Instead of the usual black sunnies, why not try any other colors to complete your gear.
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