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Stradiarius ripped jeans and sneakers, Forever 21 white tee, Sunnies studios Layla sunglasses
The last two weeks has been pretty jampacked with several activities that tested my time management skills, physical and mental strength. (Im not exaggerating here! lol)
I scored another online work (perks of working from home) which made squeezing working out and blogging a challenge in my list of to do’s on a daily basis.
Another change has also happened, new shift on my other job. This means working on a graveyard schedule. I have to endure this in another 2 months so wish me luck!
In addition to that, my food business with friends is really progressing well.
Juggling too many stuff requires a lot of time and effort. Hey, I’m not complaining, I’m soooo grateful for all the things that occurred in a short span of time.
I wonder how some people succeed in multitasking and maintain there sanity lols
I know I’ll get there for sure, I just need to get used to these and of course with the help of planning.
Anyway, this outfit. I am getting more and more engrossed with the borrowed from the boys trend.
I settled for a cats eye sunnies  and gold rings to somehow make the outfit less masculine.
SC x
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