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silk top and chokerI am a 90’s kid and back then, I am not that appreciative of the style on that area but since the resurgence of all things patched, silk cami or dress, and chokers I was immediately drawn to the trend that’s making a comeback. I was easily charmed by the beauty and rawness of these two; silk camis and chokers that I scoured every online shop every chance that I get during my free time.

silk top and chokerforever 21 choker, inces silk topsunnies and styleNot only did these two appeal to me on a high level but also it brings back good ol memories. The music videos, movies and tv shows I have watched with back then had me smiling and remember how I used to memorise each Bone Thugs n Harmony songs, be amazed by those long-legged super models on the cover and pages of Vogue and trying to copy their poses, singing that famous tune of All that and also trying to read and understand Sabrina the teenage witch and Sweet Valley High books.

I was so in to 90’s at the moment that I created a list of the movies to download, watch again and take down notes for some of the clothes/style I can get inspiration from. 😉

Anyway, I am just excited how these two can actually be integrated in my current style and how it complements my personality which is awesome right?

How about you, are you a 90’s kid or any trend from the era you’re actually obsessing over right now? Let me know and comment below! x

Wearing: INCES_ silk cami top | Forever 21 choker| SM Parisian back pack | H&M jeans, Tonic boots | Sunnies studios Layla sunglasses |

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