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Packing for a beach trip is something that always brings excitement to me that I get too focused on what I should wear for a particular day and what accessories to match them with. It would take lots of time preparing, ha!  

Sometimes, I tend to over pack and bring more than what’s needed because I need to have options. Yes, options, options, options.

For my first major beach trip this year, I made a goal to pack as light as possible and curate my daily outfits. It saved me time on the thinking department and more time to enjoy the vacation/getaway. After all, I went on vacation to relax and not to worry about what I’ll wear the last minute before the tour (which happens sometime)

I have developed a routine and planning on how I curate my outfits for my travels (more about that on the coming posts). It’s still a hit and miss and I wouldn’t say I am truly good at it. I am still learning and it’s fine. It would take time. 

I wouldn’t cover the essentials stuff because you can find it on the internet already. I just wanted to stress out that things you need to bring for Coron specifically.

What to pack for Coron, Palawan checklist:

  1. Insect repellant – Mosquitoes are ubiquitous in Palawan.

  2. Flash light – Power interruption is common in Coron so make sure you bring this with you anytime, anywhere.

  3. First Aid kit – There’s going to be a lot of touring and while the boat has their own in case something went wrong, it’s better to have yours as well. Safety comes first.

  4. Healing spray or Aloe Vera – There’s going to be a lots of time that’ll be spent under the sun. A healing spray or soothing gel are the perfect companion after a full day outside. Remember, skin cancer ain’t kewl.

  5. Hair Oil – Because staying for a long period under the sun can also damage your hair.

  6. Hygienic wipes – As you’re gonna be island hopping, chances are there are no rest rooms and if mother nature calls, well you do what you gotta do. There’s a mini “rest room” on the boat tho where you’ll have to do “it” and you’re gonna be needing the wipes. 


Here are some of the outfits I wore in Coron in case you need some inspo.

coron palawan packing 1 Wide brimmed hat is a must

what to pack for Coron palawan
coron palawan packing 2

A neoprene bikini, Denim shorts, lightweight top

sunnies and style coron palawan travel 4
sunnies and style coron palawan travel 3

A tie-side flowy dress

what to pack for coron 2017 1An action camera Go Pro, Sunnies Studios Winona  

Anything you’d like to add to the list or share me some outfits you’ve worn if you’ve been to Coron too!

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