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Going to Malcapuya Island was something that I was looking forward to for our Coron trip. I have been lusting for a beach getaway for months so you get what I am over the moon to visit the island. It would took about 1.5 hrs to reach Malcapuya island. The sea was calm and the sun was shining so bright melting our worries that it might rain that day. Prior going to Palawan, we checked the weather forecast and it said that there’s a chance that it will rain on that particular weekend. It’ll be a bummer if it did but thankful that it didn’t!

When our boat finally docked on the other side of the beach and when we walked towards a clearing then passed through some coconut trees, we were then greeted by the stunning view of the sea in varying shades of blue and the fine sand that can rival that of Boracay’s and Calaguas. We were in awe. Our beach hearts fluttered like butterflies around a garden.

Best time to go:

Morning when the island is less crowded. By late afternoon other tourists flock the island so you won’t have your peaceful and quiet moment.


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 Malcapuya island is one the best to beach bum and to give you an idea, here’s a couple of things that we did or that you could do if ever you find yourself in this amazing place. 

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1 Look for the perfect spot to chill. It can be under the shade of the palm trees or under the sun  (We chose a spot that’s a bit far from the beach huts)

Lay your Lagu or beach towel and sun bathe or tan

3 If you enjoy beach bumming while reading a book or listening to your spotify play list while drinking either beer or fresh coconut juice (50 php). 

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4 If it gets too hot, then you can swim and snorkel and shoot with your action gear.

Explore the island. Go to the other side or trek to get a birds eye view of the island (we didn’t get to see this but a friend of mine told me that I should’ve done it. Just putting it here)

6 Make time for some siesta on the hammock. First come first serve because it’s only one! lol

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Have you been to Coron, Palawan and visited Malcapuya island too? Share your story below!


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