Finally after more than a year, I have reached a milestone in my 20’s and I couldn’t be happier! Can someone pinch me to convince me that this is really happening? What the heck am I talking about? I cannot say what exactly it is for now, sometime next year! It’s too soon to tell. Did it ever happen to you when you’ve decided to pursue on getting on something but instead you got one of the things you’ve been dreaming and praying for years? How can you complain, eh? Life is full of twists and unexpected events and while I might not have gotten the one on my priority list just yet I am still freaking happy to be having one of the best birthday gift/christmas present ever. All because of you up there.

Few days ago I went on to check it and while nature and the universe did not cooperate, there were  little mishaps and funny stories I’d like to share today. It was gloomy Wednesday and then it started to rain, like really bad and I am wearing white sneakers. What are the odds! Talk about bad timing! Anyway, my friend and I got stuck in a Starbucks nearby. We’re supposed to hang out somewhere else but given the situation, we settled on just staying at the coffee shop and wait for the rain to stop.

Since we’re already there and I’ve not been to SB lately (because wfh) we decided to try the new offerings. I am not one to try new drinks because I usually prefer my favourites, mocha or coffee jelly but this time I decided to give it a go. Out of all the three Teavanas drinks, we picked the one with caffeine (hello! caffeine lovers here). Matcha and Espresso fusion also, it’s photogenic when you take a photo of it (no judging! We all do it! ha!) We instantly loved it! It’s refreshing and thecombination of the two worked! Amazing. We took turns in taking pictures because #insta #snapchat #instagramstories needs. As if I am not contented with what I have on my XA2, I got my phone and started snapping while holding it and then just when I was about to put it down, it slipped my fingers and on to the floor. You should have seen the horror on my face. I haven’t consumed that much. Cray! I know it’s such a trivial thing but then I just wanted to share it 😉

My friend asked “at least you have pictures, right?” Yeah, right.

I told myself I should not get frustrated and overall it was still a great day!  I am practicing to not let any small misfortunes get the best of me. That’s what you do people, shake it off and still find a reason to smile! Negativities aren’t allowed.  We just laughed it out until it finally drizzled. Off we went home. Anyway, that’s it. You might get bored of my ramblings but I hope not!

Till then! x


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