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Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast

Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast was kind of a sweet surprise. I wasn’t expecting anything special given that the room we availed is affordable for 6 pax. We arrived there before check in time after our Bolinao Falls 1 and 2 tour. The property was clean and kinda had this laid-back vibe. They have 2 buildings and we stayed on the one that is for groups. The exterior of the buildings are white and minimalist but there are colorful beach chairs beside the pool which I find cute (you can take your OOTD shots here btw)

We were the only big group at the time so it was peaceful and we mostly had the pool to ourselves the whole stay.

The Room

It’s big and spacious enough for a group of 6. There are 2 beds and 1 double deck. The interior’s theme was blue-ish and they even decorated the room with blue accents and canvas paintings/prints, and throw pillows. The air condition is pretty cold, I must say which is a plus! 

For 6,000 Php you get:

1 TV with cable

2 Private Toilet and bathroom

3 3 beds (1 double deck)

4 Veranda/terrace with the view of the ocean

5 Dining table outside (in the veranda/terrace)

Facilities (we used)

Infinity pool with a view



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The experience

Overall, it was a great stay for us aside from the fact that we almost had the whole property by ourselves. Good thing there are no loud people or music which has made the overnight stay a very relaxing one. You can order beers while you lounge beside the pool which we did after checking in. I wish they replace the plastic beach beds tho. There’s not much that you could do here since most of the time you will be out of the property for the tour around Bolinao. One of the downsides of staying here is that they do not offer lunch or dinner, only breakfast but you have to settle it to the reception the day before. Food from outside is allowed and they don’t collect corkage fee. We only paid for the plates and utensils rental and dishwashing service for a hundred bucks.

The breakfast meal choices are limited and the usual “silog” meals. If I remembered it right, we paid for this separately as it is not part of the booking.

PS Do not feed the stray cats! 

If you are looking for a nice budget property when you stay in Bolinao, I think Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast is a good choice. I am not sure if this is a family-friendly resort tho I checked Agoda and they listed that there’s a playground and swimming pool for the kids because. On our stay, there isn’t any specific area in the pool for kids unless they have one now. 

You may check the newly renovated property here

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