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Bunc hostel review and e-tour

Whenever I go to Singapore, I always choose to stay at a hostel. Why? Because they’re a lot cheaper than hotels and Airbnb rentals are either:

1. Located outside the city and 2. Quite expensive as well. 

Hostels are ubiquitous in Singapore especially in tourist-infested places like Chinatown, Bugis, Little India etc. Most of the attractions are also accessible as well as the train stations which

1. I get to save time and 2. save money for transportation. 

Most of the ones I’ve been to are clean and secure. Last year, I stayed at BUNC HOSTEL (check them out here) for one night. 


I’ll give you an e-tour: 

bunc hostel 3bunc hostel 4bunc hostel 5bunc hostel 6bunc hostel 7bunc hostel 8bunc hostel 9bunc hostel 11bunc hostel 10bunc hostel 12

What I love about Bunc Hostel:

  1. Super clean bathroom and restrooms
  2. They have an elevator
  3. Minimal and clean interiors
  4. Common area and dining are well maintained. They also have another one on the second floor
  5. There’s a TV in the dining area
  6. A laundry area and cooking area (located on the second floor too)
  7. Beds are spacious even though it’s good enough for one.
  8. 24-hr reception

What I don’t love: 

  1. Room aisle is a bit narrow and even their hallway
  2. No convenience stores nearby (unless I missed it)

Have you been to Bunc Hostel too or any other hostels in Singapore? Comment down below and share your experience 🙂

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