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La Union or Elyu has become one of the top spots in the country for a few years now. The first time I went here was around 2013, it was still a quiet town, specifically San Juan where the bulk of hostels, inns, and resorts are situated. It’s still a place where you can just unwind and surf and nothing more. We just went there for the sole purpose of surfing and we had to get back the next day! We stayed at the beautiful San Juan Surf resort and wasn’t able to explore the town or the neighboring towns.


We went there on 2015 and stayed for 3 days 2 nights and there were a few restaurants that we have eaten to aside from the food served in the inn we were staying; Gefseis Greek Grill, Surf Shack etc.

Fast forward to 2017, I went back to celebrate my 29 years of existence with my friend, Gen. We just stayed overnight there and I was surprised to see a LOOOOT of changes had happened. More restaurants and hipster places have appeared. It’s like the town had completely transformed into something else tho for the better (I guess and I hope so!)

We went there on a weekday; Monday-Tuesday (The date coincides with my birth date mind you but a little tip, do not go there on Tuesdays as most of the restaurants are close so ~meh)

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We want to make this trip affordable yet still enjoyable of course. For this post, I will share some tips on how to travel La Union on a budget for an overnight trip.

Disclaimer: This post is for at least 2 people traveling.

Here goes:


1. Accommodation

There are lots of accommodations to choose from high end to cheap ones here but from what I know, most resorts, hostels, and inns offer a great deal of prices per night especially around San Juan.

If you’re on a budget, opt for hostels or inns. There are hostels like The Circle Hostel and Vessel Hostel. The former is a bit cheaper than the latter. We stayed on the latter (More about this on a separate post).

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2. Research on places to eat

There are a plethora of restaurants to choose from now around San Juan and other towns. I suggest checking online first to see the price rates for each restaurant so you will have an idea how much you will spend for the whole day. I know “how instagrammable” the spot and the food served are crucial (LOL Millenials) in choosing so, Goos luck! There are many to choose from! 

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budget friendly overnight trip la union 6
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3. Split expenses for activities

I haven’t tried exploring other towns and taking a tour but this is going to be on my priority list when I get back. For this one, if you and your friend would like to try surfing (starts at 400 Php per hour), then you can try splitting the lesson for 30 minutes each! There’s a lot that you can do within 30 minutes trust me 😉

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4. Share meals

Order meals that can be shared by two or more persons. Look for restaurants that serve big meals (Gefseis Greek Grill, Olas Banditos etc.) that are good enough for 2. For our dinner, we chose Olas Banditos and tried the Fish Burrito (250 Php) and 1 order of Cheese Quesadillas (90 Php)

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Are you going to Travel to La Union soon? Let me know in the comments section below.




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