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Tonic Logan flats, Clairehaze top, WWW clutch, H&M accessories, Sunnies Studios Layla sunglasses

Few days ago, I read somewhere that the supposed to be “bed weather” is officially over and I couldn’t bring myself to believe since we hadn’t really experienced a full blown rainy season.  While I’m not complaining at all as I get a chance to wear my “summer-y” clothes, I was kind of looking forward to wearing sweaters, coats and booties but I guess I have to keep them hidden in the closet until further notice.

As I begin to incorporate more minimalist pieces into my wardrobe, it’s becoming evident that I’m appreciating the beauty of nude and off white clothes in the form of this outfit. I am planning to add more colours say different hues and shades of navy, pastel pink, gray and a whole lot more.

Happy Monday!


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