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source: lifestyle mirror

Ready your pen and paper, as we list down this 6 stylish tips from the one and only Olivia Pope.

source: rainydaydiva
1. Use neutral, pastel, clean colors to stand out among the rest. Classic.
source: eonline
2. Learn to mix and match. It doesnt have to be an armani top, bottom, shoes and bag. Learn the art of  pairing
source: eonline
3. Who says lounge wear have to be so boring?.
source: ceruleanchronicle
4.They say the bag you carry is as important as HOW  YOU CARRY IT. Trust me on this.
source: eonline
5. This is my favorite part, THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. Sometimes it’s okay to break way from your comfort zone and try another color or style maybe? once in a while. It wouldn’t hurt you know.
source: fixationfiles
6. Never underestimate the power of a jacket/blazer/outerwear. Make sure you have it always with you.


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