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 Hello you guys! Im back!! fresh from my SG trip which I’m thrilled to share with you guys in the coming days (stay tuned). As some of you might know, I just turned 27 last week and this out of the country trip is some sort of a birthday gift to myself. Turning 27 is a milestone for me. I’ve made big decisions that even my  16 year old self wouldn’t believe that in 10 years time, she’ll able to  do things I have done (watch out for this next year).  All I wanted to say is that I’ve been really blessed and I just am thankful for all that has been happening on my life lately.

Being 26 made me realise several things especially the importance of investment, business, the dream job that I wanted pursue and travelling to name a few and now that I’m a year older, I intend to keep those in mind and will  be in the pursuit of achieving my dreams.

At 27, I want to travel more (local and international) , go to my dream country, to learn photography, to invest more time on my blog, to put up a business and to invest more on stock market.

I am ready 27 year old self. Bring it on.


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  1. karen corpuz says:

    belated happy bday.

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