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Anniversary month 

Forever 21 tee, Stradivarius ripped jeans, Parisian shoes and bags caged heels, WWW handbag, Rubi sunnies 
Style Carnival is turning 1 in a matter of weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. This blog have been revised and revamped for quite a number of times before I finally settled on this one. I dont want to get too emotional or dramatic but eversince I’ve started blogging (Tumblr), I was not able to sustain each(tried wordpress, xanga and all those early blogging sites circa 2008-2009). I got too lazy to update and was too pre occupied with so-called life and work. I didn’t have time but early last year, I was decided to create one and maintain it, this time, ~for realz~ and Im so proud to have reached this milestone.
Months of researching culminated SC’s birth. I’m happy to have found my niche and stick with it. Early days of the blog, will make you think, oh this is just another style or fashion blogger wanna be. In order to stand out you need to make a difference. You have to set standards that will somehow make you a bit unique among others out there. Every month is a learning experience, I struggled to find and discover my aesthetic (thanks to my fashion styling class stint) and in relation to that “what do SC have to offer to readers”.
C’mon let’s face it, not everyone gets to have a closet full of designer clothes or branded stuff. While we all covet the pieces those internationally acclaimed style and fashion bloggers post on their blog, most of us will not be able to score one. Hence, the term inspo comes to the whole picture plus, why not make the most of what you have and master the art of mix and matching?. Also, try to invest in classic and versatile pieces as much as possible.
As you can see most of the stuff I post are almost the same(repetitive use of shoes, top, or bags etc), it’s all about styling and pairing. Take a cue on the outfit above, you may be familiar with it before as seen on this post . I just switched the button-down shirt and sunglasses with white tee and another sunnies and voila, a new set of ensemble has been created.
This is what SC goal is. To make everyone feel confident dressing up without worrying too much even though you dont own as much as everyone else. It shouldn’t be as hard as what you think it is, it should be easy-peasy as 1, 2, 3.
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