how to survive in a hostel
If you're accustomed to staying in the comfortable zone of hotels, then choosing a hostel might intimidate or rather scare you especially if you're staying in a foreign country. I mean being in a room with total strangers? Yes, I get you but if you're a thrifty traveller and got no budget for a hotel then hostel is the your next choice (or Airbnb for some). My first experience in a hostel was last year when I went to Singapore. The country is one of the safest in the world so it was a bit easy to convince myself and my two companions to try. I went through numerous sites to find the best ones and so far I wasn't disappointed. Having  experienced a  hostel twice, I am creating this post to at least give you some tips and guide on how to survive a day or two in such place if you're a newbie.
  • Lower your expectations- Of course, it's not a hotel. So basically there are some things that you won't get, say for example, privacy, private bathroom et al. but it's okay. Here's where your researching skills come in handy when booking a place that suits your needs. Again, read reviews so you know what to expect.
  • Bring all the things needed such as:
    • Slippers for the room and for bathroom purposes
    • toiletries and toiletries bag preferably the ones with built-in hanger (some showers can be tiny without nothing where you can place your things),
    • earplugs- I've been lucky enough to not use this though!
    • eye mask
    • padlocks for your valuables
    • small bag where you can put toiletries and clothes
    • towel/s- some hostels provide free or charge for a considerable fee. I'd like to bring my own as ya know, hygiene purposes.
  • Sleep with your valuables near you such as laptops, phone, bag where you put your money, passport et al.
  • Always be vigilant - It's nice to make some new friends inside the room but don't be too complacent.
  • Follow the rules - Be responsible. Most of the hostels offer free breakfast but you will have to prepare and clean on your own dishes/cups. Don't be too loud or noisy when inside the room, If you're going to talk on the phone or with talk to someone do it outside).
  • Enjoy! This might be hard on your first day but once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine.
mori hostel farrer park race course road  

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