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Finally!! were able to update my blog after almost 2 weeks MIA. I have been so glued to work and my shift is always graveyard, so most of the time, I'm sleeping almost half of the day. harhar My body clock is still adjusting and I am pretty sure Im going get used to it. Haven't had time to post but I have soooo many back logs and photos to edit and hauls to share with you loves!
Anyhoo, Summer isnt over yet and it has been getting crazier than ever because of the heat and humid weather that makes everyone wanted to undress and go naked. HAHAHA As you all know I am a fan of thrift shopping, Im always on the go whenever there's an upcoming SALE or bazaar or shops/boutique that sells clothes in an affordable manner πŸ™‚ Hence, I find this online shop SHOPTHRIFTMARKET, they sell super fab and gorgeous items at a reasonable price; no more than 1,000 Pesos! I think their most pricey is 700-800ish. (cant wait to buy more!!)
For my first buy, I choose a Summer-y dress. of course! lol Im in love with the Cherry dress and I am dying Β to buy other colors too. As for this dress, I love the color combination of every print as it screams Spring/Summer. To make it more feminine and classy, I paired it with ankle straps heels and a vintage clutch that is perfect for the whole outfit.
What do you guys think? yay or nay?
share your thoughts!

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